The Office of Informatics & Analytics (OIA) "On Par with DOR" Newsletter contains valuable information regarding Drug Overdose Reporting (DOR) that includes reporting tips, frequently asked questions, and reminders that we share with DOR trading partners once a quarter. We have put together this survey so that you (our Trading Partners) can provide us with feedback regarding your satisfaction with our "On Par with DOR" Newsletter and to provide you with an opportunity to share your ideas for future content.

Thank you for your continued engagement with the Tennessee Department of Health's (TDH) DOR program, and for continuing to work with TDH to meet your DOR Reporting obligation. Your sustained reporting efforts have allowed us to continue providing vital information to leaders, decision-makers, and others around the state working to end the drug overdose crisis in our communities.

Please take a moment to complete this survey so that we can further provide any valuable resources that may be useful to you in your reporting efforts.

Thank you!

The Office of Informatics & Analytics

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